2 packs Salmon fillet portions - (2*400 gms)
Sale price 299.00 EGP Regular price 350.00 EGP Save 51 EGP
Buy 1kg Large Shrimp in Shell get 1kg 50 % off
Sale price 374.00 EGP Regular price 498.00 EGP Save 124 EGP
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Special Bundles

Ready bundles, that are Easy to prepare, Quick to cook & Yummy to eat .
Paella Bundle
Sale price 299.00 EGP Regular price 408.00 EGP Save 109 EGP
Seafood Soup Bundle
Sale price 439.00 EGP Regular price 537.00 EGP Save 98 EGP
Seafood Dinner Bundle
Sale price 529.00 EGP Regular price 636.00 EGP Save 107 EGP
Coffee Lovers Bundle
Sale price 360.00 EGP Regular price 450.00 EGP Save 90 EGP
Seafood Mix Bundle
Sale price 198.00 EGP Regular price 233.00 EGP Save 35 EGP

Norwegian Salmon

From The North delivered to your doorstep
Salmon fillet portions
175.00 EGP
Norwegian Salmon Fillet Whole side
from 359.00 EGP Regular price 395.00 EGP Save 36 EGP
SeaShelf Norwegian Smoked Salmon Slices- 200 gm
149.00 EGP
Salmon Sashimi Grade
from 168.00 EGP
Sold Out
Smoked Salmon trimming 500 gms ⁩
175.00 EGP

Best Sushi Ingredients

All in one place for the Best Homemade Sushi
Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese
89.00 EGP
⁨Tuna saku fillet (Tuna Sashimi)
from 175.00 EGP
Suree Teriyaki Sauce
from 39.00 EGP
Uncle Barns Tempura Flour
85.00 EGP
Yakinori Sushi Nori
52.00 EGP

Sea Fruits

Premium, exquisite and your choice of accompanying flavors
Whole Calamari - 1000 gm
99.00 EGP
Lobster Tails
from 195.00 EGP
Mullet Bottarga (Homaid)
334.00 EGP
Seafood Mix Bundle
Sale price 198.00 EGP Regular price 233.00 EGP Save 35 EGP
Half Shell Mussels (X- large size)
Sale price 199.00 EGP Regular price 240.00 EGP Save 41 EGP

From our customers


طلبت سلمون جانبي كامل كان اللحم لذيذ جدا وطازج جدا منذ وقت
طويل لم يكن لدي مثل هذا المذاق ايضا السلمون المدخن والروبيان رائع، شكرا على
الجودة العالية والصدق والخدمة الرائعة ولن تكون اخر مرة اوصي فيها بهذه الشركة

مى فريد

The customer service is awesome and i love how professional and helpful they are,
the quality of food is more than perfect I ordered smoked salmon and its so
tasty 😍❤️

Radwa Magdy 

Fastest order , very good
quality ,  amazing taste and
professional customer service highly recommended

May Salama

excellent quality
pleasant and  helpful on the
phone...Delivery on time...thank you

Mona Mansour

quality, professional customer service, wonderful packaging and superior
delivery Thank you for the great service!

Rania Nagi

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