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Tilapia - Bolty

Meeting the highest international standards, ensuring every bite is a true culinary delight, Renowned for its mild flavor and tender texture. Carefully prepared for export to destinations across the globe.

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Gilt Head Bream-Denees

Introducing the Finest Gilt Head Bream from Egypt, sourced from the azure waters of Egypt. Known for its delicate flavor and firm, succulent flesh, our Gilt Head Bream promises an unparalleled dining experience

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Seabass - Arous

Our premium Seabass, sourced directly from the pristine coastal waters of Egypt. Renowned for its tender, flaky texture and rich, buttery flavor, our Seabass sets the standard for premium seafood 

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Leading company in seafood supply chain industry in Egypt

Situated in a strategic coastal location, our cutting-edge facility stands as the hub of our operations, meticulously ensuring quality and efficiency to meet the discerning needs of customers worldwide.


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