Wasabi Powder

Wasabi Powder

SKU: 9301002002

Wasabi Powder

SKU: 9301002002
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Wasabi adds authentic flavor and heat to Asian dishes, and enhances any recipe where spiciness is desire

S&B Wasabi Powder is made with all natural ingredietns (no color / additives used) and contains Wasabia Japonica. The Pale green color comes naturally from hoseradish and Wasabia Japonica, so it is also suitable for people who prefer natural products.

How to Use
Mix S&B Wasabi Powder with water and leave for 1 minute.

1-Put 5 teaspoonful wasabi powder into cup or small bowl.

2-Add 3 teaspoonful water and mix well

3-Place container upside down and wait 1 minute for maximum hotness

Weight : 100 gm

 Origin : japan 

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