7 products

    7 products
    Peeled Shrimp (Jumbo)
    329.00 EGP
    Peeled Shrimp (X Large)
    Sale price 289.00 EGP Regular price 309.00 EGP Save 20 EGP
    Peeled Shrimp (Medium)
    Sale price 249.00 EGP Regular price 279.00 EGP Save 30 EGP
    Jumbo Black Tiger Head and Shell on
    379.00 EGP
    Medium Shrimp Head and Shell on
    240.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Peeled Shrimp Tail on(Large)
    290.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    First bite- Crispy shrimp
    Sale price 110.00 EGP Regular price 125.00 EGP Save 15 EGP
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