Feseekh All Year Round!!

Jun 6, 2023

You always wait for Spring Time, Easter or Eid Holidays to eat Feseekh & Renga? Wait No More

We understand the joy that comes with these seasonal items. That's why we decided to make them all year round. From now on, our Signature Feseekh & Renga are available all year round. 


  1. Feseekh Fillet 

Why limit yourself to just one season? No you can enjoy our Feseekh fillet no matter what season it is. You can now indulge in the taste of Eid whenever you want.

Seafood factory feseekh fillet

     2. Renga With Tahini

We know how much you like our Signature Feseekh and Renga with Tahini bundle and you don't want to wait for them again. Now you can order our Renga with Tahini all year round not only during specific season 

So what you are waiting for? Order now & Enjoy our Signature Feseekh & Renga all year round no matter what season it is.