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26 products

    26 products
    SeaShelf - Meagre Fillet (لوت)
    149.00 EGP
    Jumbo Black Tiger Head and Shell on
    379.00 EGP
    SeaShelf - Nile Perch Fillet - (قشر بياض)
    169.00 EGP
    SeaShelf - Sea bass Fillet Whole Sides - (قاروص)
    203.50 EGP
    Veal Angus Rib Eye Steak
    210.00 EGP
    SeaShelf - Sea bass Whole Fish - (قاروص)
    from 129.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Panko Breadcrumbs Uncle Brans
    109.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Veal Angus Fillet Steak
    480.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Veal Angus Burger
    107.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    First Bite Shrimp Bonbon
    89.00 EGP
    Suree Teriyaki Sauce
    from 39.00 EGP
    Suree Sriracha Chilli Sauce
    109.00 EGP
    Emirate Mussels Meat
    from 99.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Seashelf whole Squid - (سبيط)
    125.00 EGP
    FF Instant Tom Yum Chicken Noodles
    35.00 EGP
    Thai BBQ Sauce
    59.00 EGP
    Mills Caviar paste
    89.00 EGP
    ALALamya Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    from 75.00 EGP
    Veal Angus Burger Stuffed With Cheese
    90.00 EGP
    Tabasco Pepper Sauce
    49.00 EGP
    Seashelf Wild Emperor Whole Fish (الشعور)
    from 121.00 EGP
    La Torrente Traditional Tomato Puree
    49.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    Rice Paper
    85.00 EGP
    SeaShelf - Wild Tilapia Fillet - ( بلطي حر )
    79.00 EGP
    Sold Out
    First Bite Shrimp Fiesta
    Sale price 84.00 EGP Regular price 99.00 EGP Save 15 EGP
    Sold Out
    Smoked Herring With Mustard - 200G
    69.00 EGP
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