4 Ways to tell If your Lobster is Good

23 مايو 2023

Lobster Tails are delicious and you can cook them in every way imaginable: grilling, broiling, steaming or baking. Here are some tips to put into consideration when buying Lobster Tails

  1. Smell the Lobster: Lobster must smell like ocean and if it has ammonia scent, it may be an indication that your lobster is bad 
2. Check the Color: If the lobster appears to be discolored or has a green spots means your lobster is bad
3. Check the Shell: The lobster should be hard with no soft spots
4. Fresh vs Frozen: Finally when buying lobster tails, consider that Fresh Lobsters can be as delicious as Frozen ones. Just follow these steps and make sure that your lobster tails are Individually Quick Frozen. You can also order Our Freshly Frozen IQF Lobster Tails from our Mobile Application, or visit your nearby store