Grana Padano Cheese 200 gms Pack Darfresh

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Country: Italy
Texture: Hard
Type of Milk: Cow

Grana Padano is a wonderful semi-fat hard cheese which is matured slowly. It may be used as a table cheese or for grating. A golden, oily rind encases a white or straw-colored fine-grained cheese with crumbly fissures radiating outwards from the center. The taste is fragrant and delicate, similar to a Reggiano Parmesan. Grate on soup, pasta or in sauces. Grana Padano is an Italian, DOP, cow’s milk cheese. Its name is derived from the Italian word “grana” which translates as “grain” to describe its hard and grainy texture, and “Padano” which refers to the “Val Padana,” the cheeses origin in the Po River Valley. The cheese was originally created in the 12th Century by Cistercian monks. It is a Parmesan cheese that most closely resembles Parmigiano Reggiano in appearances and in its method of production.

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