Fresh Fish

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    Fresh Fish Straight from the Sea

    Fully prepared to your own requirements and delivered to your doorstep.

    All fresh fish delivered on Monday and Thursday directly from Suez from 5 pm till 8 pm 

    *Our Whole fish range is cleaned, gutted and descaled*

    Delivery in Cairo only.

    N.B : As our products are all fresh wild catch, sometimes there are items that are not available in today's Catch due to weather conditions or if not up to our standards, in this case, Our Customer Service team will contact our dear customers to offer alternatives available.


    16 products
    Fresh - Striped red Mullet ( Barbony )
    229.00 EGP
    Fresh - Female Crab
    289.00 EGP
    Fresh - Grouper 111 ( Waqar 111 )
    from 439.00 EGP
    Fresh - Gilt Head Bream whole Fish - (Denees)
    279.00 EGP
    Fresh Glass Shrimps Shell on ( Qzaz )
    from 459.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Grey Mullet fish (Bouri)
    159.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Red Bream Whole Fish - (Morgan abou Atab)
    269.00 EGP
    Fresh - Meagre whole fish (Loot)
    169.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Jumbo Stone Crab
    299.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Sea bass Whole Fish - (Qarous)
    229.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Emperor Whole Fish - (Sheaur)
    219.00 EGP
    Fresh SUEZ Shrimps
    from 379.00 EGP
    Fresh - Wild Tilapia - (Bolty)
    69.00 EGP
    Fresh Whole Squid - (Sobet)
    299.00 EGP
    Fresh - SUEZ Brush Tooth Fish ( macarona)
    149.00 EGP
    Fresh - Whole Balady Calamari
    209.00 EGP
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