Octopus Salad

by Weam Maher



 1 kg Octopus
 defrosted and cleaned
2 spoons de-stoned green olives
2 spoons of pine nuts
 1 Extra virgin olive oil


Dip the octopus three times
Holding it by its head, in a pan of boiling water


Place the octopus in the pressure cooker, cover with 250 ml of water
Then place it over a medium/high flame and wait until the steam coming out 

Reduce the heat to a minimum flame and count the cooking time for 12 minutes from this point then turn off it
Open the operating valve and Wait until the pressure cook stops whistling
Open it to check on the cooking of the octopus
Leave the octopus in its water to cool down

Once the octopus has cooled, cut it into rounds, leaving the curled tentacles intact.

Place the octopus into a bowl along with the de-stoned green olives, cut into rounds, and the pine nuts, toasted for a few minutes in a pan.

Season with a drizzle of a light extra virgin olive oil
Leave it all to soak and become flavorful in the fridge
Bringing it back to room temperature and then serving